We’ve been diverting scrap, and thermoforming plastic
solutions for more than four decades.

Custom Forming Is Not Just Our Business, It’s Our Passion!


providing full in-house 3D CAD design and engineering services.

We’re Relentless In Our Pursuit of the Perfect Solution


Providing reduced part damage, increased pack density, and improved ergonomic and efficient part handling

Delivering world-class moulded foam engineered packaging

Core Competencies

People Strength

With many years of experience, our team has a deep understanding of lean manufacturing, supporting PolyLink Solutions’ reputation for exceeding expectations.


Product Strength

As an ISO 9001 certified Lean manufacturer, PolyLink Solutions offers an impressive product line-up. Visit the product portfolio page for specific examples.


Environmental Strength

PolyLink Solutions was green long before it was standard practice. Our corporate philosophy is to protect our planet by using recycled and Bio-based sustainable materials whenever possible.


Custom Solutions Formed to Fit Your Needs
Product Portfolio

Industrial Products

Small volume. Large volume. We can build a case for just about any business partner.

Engineered Packaging

From the automotive industry to healthcare, our customers come from a wide variety of sectors.

Health Care Packaging

We supply health care packaging including cold chain solutions.

Consumer Products

PolyLink Solutions manufactures anti-fatigue mats using recycled rubber.

Agriculture Products

You’ll find PolyLink Solutions manufactured products at dairy farms across the planet.

Assembled Products

First, we form, then we assemble. Our team can pull it together to save you money.

3 Reasons You Can Rely on Us

Full-Service Capabilities

PolyLink Solutions offers accredited lab facilities, production, quality control, assembly, and logistics.

In-House Design

In-house design, engineering, and prototyping puts PolyLink Solutions in a different league, which means big benefits for your business.

Tooling Options

With multiple tooling partners and in-house prototype builds, PolyLink Solutions offers significant manufacturing flexibility.

Our Customer's Point of Views

“We have been working with PolyLink Solutions for more than 5 years and PolyLink Solutions has always been a responsive and collaborative partner to work with. Serving the mining industry, our product needs to be 100% effective and PolyLink Solutions’ quality has never let us down. Over the years, we have grown our product line with PolyLink Solutions as they have the capability to provide a range of processes that keep us competitive within our industry.”

“The Vacuum Formed product we purchase from PolyLink Solutions is used in the Agricultural Industry and specifically for use in a dairy cow stall. This product is referred to in our product line as a “Poly Pillow.” Our experience with PolyLink Solutions has been extremely positive, with excellent product support, lead time, and delivery. Promat has worked closely with PolyLink Solutions for more than 15 years and we strongly recommend them.”

“We have had an excellent experience working with PolyLink Solutions through the development stages of our new parts. Their team of experienced and talented designers, engineers, and quality control folks, have been extremely responsive, and I am very pleased to say that all projects have been executed on time and within budget. Our partnership with PolyLink Solutions will only help us to become a stronger, more competitive company.”