About Us

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Based in Guelph, Ontario, the company has a long history in custom thermoforming. PolyLink Solutions has developed quite the reputation for quick, concise, and efficient solutions in vacuum forming.

We began under the name Silicone Rubber Canada (SRC), molding rubber products in 2001. In 2020 we were acquired by Woodbridge Group and in 2022 we changed our name to PolyLink Solutions Inc. to better represent our new vision and strategic direction. Our mission is to deliver environmentally conscious, and innovative plastic, foam, and rubber solutions.

With an incredibly knowledgeable team, a wealth of in-house resources, and a range of production processes, we are a key manufacturing partner for both low and high-volume programs. Our services include full 3D CAD design and engineering, lab testing, custom plastic forming, and rubber moulding, die-cutting services, assembly, and logistics.

PolyLink Solutions strives to be green, by using recycled and bio-based materials in the production process wherever possible, diverting over 95% of our processed material from landfill.

Our growing list of customers supplies a wide range of markets including automotive packaging, health care packaging including cold chain solutions, agricultural products, heavy equipment manufacturers, big-box retailers, industrial suppliers, roofing products, mining supplies, prototype producers, as well as several other specialty partners.